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    Originally a San Francisco native, TRACE NEW YORK  founder Tony Olsen began his love affair with essential oils at the early age of 12 years old. "I wore patchouli every day and could not get enough of it. It smelled intoxicating and I loved it". Fast forward to 2001, Tony moved to New York City to continue his established career in the luxury furniture industry, and for the past 25 years has worked with top architects and interior designers to create beautiful spaces throughout the city and around the globe.


    In February of 2018, Tony chose to merge his unique passion for fragrances and design, by launching TRACE NEW YORK, a gender-free fragrance collection derived of essential and fragrance oils.  Tony's approach to creating a fragrance is simple: "A fragrance should have depth, not be overwhelming and evolve throughout the day". Each fragrance has been formulated by Tony and hand poured in his midtown Manhattan studio.


    Fragrance reminds us of memories, helps us create new ones, is personal and should be everything you want it to be, you decide how you want to leave your TRACE.

    -Tony Olsen